The 5 commandments to wear stylish streetwear

8 March 2018
8 March 2018 Love Of Freedom

The 5 commandments to wear stylish streetwear

Stylish streetwear: Yes we can!

[dropcap ]O[/dropcap]ne day a friend pointed out to me during a fashion discussion that it seemed impossible to adopt the streetwear style while remaining stylish. Being a casual lover myself, I took it as a personal attack. Since then, it’s open war between us. And I decided to show him that I’m capable of being chic and streetwear at the same time.

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You look, coconut

As a connoisseur of fashions and stylish streetwear, there’s one thing I’m sure of: the look is 30% the clothes and 70% the one who wears them. I do not really believe in makeover shows – Cristina Cordula if you hear me … – because to succeed in such a transformation, you have to work psychology at least as much as the appearance.
The indelicate remark of my friend made me aware of the following fact: to be chic with his clothes, no need to adopt too ostentatious styles. The vintage and the dandy trend is fine, but it’s kind of a way of saying, “people, did you see? I am so classy! “While finding his personal elegance with streetwear, that’s original. And it does not lie.

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Streetwear VS sportswear

First of all, sorry, but for me, streetwear and sportswear are two different trends. In one case, we wear comfortable and varied clothes, everyday, casual and cool. In the other, we go out in the street clothes with which we go to the gym. I want to be tolerant, but there are limits: the pink jogging-tennis style, very little for me.
Streetwear is a subtle blend of chic and relaxation. It is a way of intelligently mixing materials, cuts, and colors, without the need to put on the ever-changing 3-piece suit as soon as you try to look less slouchy. The classic does not always help to have class. I saw guys in suits that were not worth a sweater charmer.
However, to be stylish, be careful not to go too far – not to get too close to sportswear. If we stay stuck between two chairs, the risk is to fall into the swag. And if you end up looking like an American rapper under Prozac, then you should have gone down to the subway station just before.

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The 5 rules of the elegant or stylish streetwear

Here we are in the thick of things: streetwear and elegance, the 5 commandments. They are valid for autumn-winter streetwear:

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1. Of artistic freedom, you will show proof!

Because the interest of streetwear lies in the almost infinite variety of possibilities, it is recommended to diversify the materials, the textures, the styles, the cuts, all that one wants. The only limit is that of his imagination.
So imagine a hoodie on straight jeans, all under a cardigan, with running shoes flashy feet (enough to create a shift). Or the red jacket that contrasts with the Chelsea Boots.
And think of accessories: the hat or the scarf change everything. The scarf, in particular, can really highlight the rest of the outfit. Finally, do not forget that we have entered the autumn-winter period and that the elegant streetwear is also streetwear … and gloves! To protect the hands? No, to give yourself a genre.

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2. A cool top, you’ll choose!

Because you can be cool and chic, as long as the casual top is well worn. Nothing beats the sweater a little tight, worn under a blazer, a trench or a leather jacket. Morphology accounts for 90% of the elegance: the sweater must fit the shoulders, do not tighten under the armpits, go down under the belt. The sleeves must be perfect. In short, the sweater must be like a second skin.
The T-shirt, weather permitting, fits well with a jacket or vest. Take it white or with pastel colors (sky blue, taupe …). And round neck, especially! Otherwise, to match, it will be hell.

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3. Nice jeans, you’ll wear!

Better to wear classy jeans than to be frumpy in tight city pants at the crotch. Whether you are straight jeans or slim jeans, wear it with shoes rather than a pair of tennis shoes, and avoid at all costs the model too wide that falls on the hips or flares at the level of the legs (we try to stay stylish, all the same).
Worn under a black jacket, jeans can work miracles. And no need to take it too tight either. It only remains to match a belt, and there, we must be sober: black model, discreet loop. The cowboy belt, he must stay in the stable, thank you.

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4. All your look on the shoes, you will play!

My favorite part: the shoes. Shoes make all the difference between stylish streetwear and nonchalant streetwear, and they determine the whole style. Sneakers, sneakers, loafers: it all depends on your style. If you are small, opt for low shoes; big, prefer a rising pair, which boosts the rendering of the outfit.
For colors, dark blue and brown are effective and easy to match with almost anything. Black is true too; but black is a sad color and a little too much mat. Remember: shoes make the difference. We must notice them, whether they give the tone of your style or that they contrast with, without being ostentatious.

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5. Your personality, you will bring out!

I said at the beginning of the article: the look is 70% the one who wears the clothes. As a result, find the style that brings out your personality, and that highlights what you are deep. Do not stay in between – like wearing black or gray clothes to blend in with the decor.
A dress style is what makes it possible to distinguish oneself from others while affirming one’s taste for elegance. Stylish Streetwear gives you the opportunity to do both at once: being yourself, and being a bit different at the same time.
With these 5 commands, I am sure you will be the most stylish in streetwear!

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