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Buying is a militant act.

Since August 2017, Wooddeers streetwear online store curates hundreds of amazing streetwear-related items and accessories. 

Wooddeers about us

Wooddeers streetwear online store

Our idea. Beginning.

Born in summer 2017. Wooddeers comes from a very simple and modest idea: Change the world by staying true to our urban culture: sincerity, sharing, caring. everything people who grew up in a hood know.

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Our way of doing things. Fair.

Our goal is not to become a billionaire but to change the lives of as many people as possible in the world. You buy at Wooddeers at the best price and so we make money. It is then redistributed fairly: to our team, to our suppliers, to our independent affiliates around the world who live with it by their passion, to the Street Child United association which helps the children of the street of the whole world.

Our cause. Education.

We have taken up the cause of educating children of urban culture all over the world through sport and art. For that, we support Street Child United.

“I am Somebody” mural created in London 2015.

Our culture. Freedom.

We love freedom. We are digital nomads. Wooddeers is registered in France. We have set up processes to be able to manage everything by telecommuting. The team is free to work from where they want on the planet.


The creators. People.

If someone asks you, just answers: “Some French people around the world.” No cult of personality at home. Understand, we do not care to have our little fifteen minutes of celebrity. 😉

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