How to adopt the sportswear style?

4 March 2018
4 March 2018 Love Of Freedom

How to adopt the sportswear style?

[dropcap ]T[/dropcap]oday, you have just come across an important and experimental article, because it will give you an introduction to the “sportswear style” style while giving you keys to creating outfits for your personality.  Learn how to adopt the sportswear style.
First of all, what is sportswear fashion? To do a bit of history, it is a trend that appeared after the Hip-Hop movement around 1970, and is dedicated to reproducing the gear of the rappers to which the young people identified themselves. It is neither more nor less the greatest contribution in fashion in the United States and brings together comfortable clothes to wear and vary such as blouses, shorts and shirts. Very present in the fashion shows, it was wrongly associated with “streetwear”, this style proving more chic and serious than the sportswear which puts more on the relaxed one. No longer limited to sports and young audiences, the style we are going to deal with in depth here is modeled and used in different contexts and demonstrates a good artistic freedom. You will have the opportunity to be original with sportswear if you know how to do it.
And that’s exactly the purpose of this article!

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The essential pieces of sportswear style

The sweater

Originally, the sweater was reserved exclusively for physical expenditure. But it was so modeled, reshaped and recreated that it can no longer be confined to a single appearance. Which is a good thing because you will be able to be creative.
The piece now exists without hood and can be matched with a wide range of clothing and generate a good diversity as with a blazer, a leather jacket, a chinos or wool pants, desert boots, trench … its connotation sports will not get lost and will cause the famous shift that we like to remind you. It is precisely by playing with the codes that one takes pleasure to dress elegantly and personally.

Be especially respectful of the morphologies: it is necessary that the sweater marries well your shoulders, does not hold you under the armpits, and is located below the belt. Also pay close attention to the sleeves: a garment with sleeves too short or too long without the possibility of retouching is simply … a bad buy.

Enjoy the patterns and colors: without this being mandatory, prefer simple prints that do not cover the entire garment and colors remaining around the beige, blue and gray. Do not hesitate also if there are touches of green, red and pastel colors like taupe or pink, it will be very elegant.

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The Hoodie

From the English hood, the hoodie experienced its rise during the famous 1970s for two main reasons: its dark and mysterious connotation, allowing the wearer to become anonymous and secret, and its usefulness by its protection from the cold. It was adopted both as a trend and as a workwear and physical, hence its place in sportswear style.
There is a wide variety of models, so be aware that a hoodie a minimum close to the body is better: it is a hooded sweater and must therefore fit your shape without molding you; your build should be suggested.

For the hood, I recommend you leave out the sharp ones that give you a wizard-like look when you put it on. For colors, blue, gray, brown, green and beige will be fine. Nothing prevents to take an orange hoodie, khaki, red, purple … as long as you correctly associate the colors of your outfit.
The T-shirt

Basics of excellence, take it with long sleeves during the winter of course. There are many varieties of t-shirts: V-flights, more or less open, patterns in drawing and writing … I advise you to favor a round neck, easier to match, and take it in a light color. The t-shirt is one of the few pieces that can be selected in white without the risk of being mistaken. Do not hesitate also pastel colors (sand, taupe, metal, blue sky …).

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The short

In addition to jogging, shorts will be a good option for dressing classy if temperatures permit. In the case of winter, it will be wiser to keep it for sports, it will depend on your resistance.
You can choose a cotton model more or less thick depending on the freshness. We forget the synthetic materials that will make you sweat unnecessarily like polyester. In terms of colors, stay in the basic range with blue or heather gray, which will then allow you to make many color combinations, or make an originality with shorts red, green or orange, which can be combined with blue, yellow or khaki.

In order to keep your outfit as elegant as possible, you must be careful on the cut of the shorts: it will have to reach you in the middle of the thighs and be close enough to the body. The baggy type bermudas that come down below the knees are however to be avoided as well as the micro shorts which remain only reserved for the sport this time.
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Jogging was once a clothing only reserved for sports. However, it has diversified in recent years with varied cuts and bold combinations that if properly exploited can create a very interesting and beneficial effect. It is now possible to put on a jogging in a city outfit and create elegance, You will thus find in the sportswear various ideas to use it in your style.

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The runnings

As we said, the shoe says a lot about the taste and personality of a man. They are at the heart of an outfit and can change the deal completely.
This is particularly the case with the sportswear style and runnings, which have the advantage of being comfortable for long walks in the city.

To begin, you will have to choose between a pair high or low. For men under 1m65, I strongly recommend that you prefer low-rise models, because taking a coin will serve your figure by compacting it visually, while your priority is to jump.

For men over 1m75, high shoes are very recommended because they will boost the performance of the outfit and allow you to play with the volumes with wide pants.

Important to mention, there is a big exception: you stay strictly in low shoes if you wear shorts. For example, putting on sneakers with bermuda shorts will be just awful.
Concerning brands, we particularly like New Balance. Although not very aesthetic, they bring a royal comfort and in a well thought out outfit will give you this effect sportswear.

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Colors in sportswear style

White, brown and midnight blue are always very effective. Avoid as much as possible black that is sad and difficult to marry.
We play on the “layering”

For those who are unfamiliar with this English term, layering is the way to superimpose layers of clothing. As with for example a t-shirt, a hoodie and a coat. Or a shirt, a tie, a sweater and a jacket. Childish!
But there are some tricks to put the odds on your side and you will particularly need it with sportswear in winter.

Go from the thinnest (near the skin) to the thickest. This will accentuate your build, even if you are very thin. This can be a t-shirt with a cashmere mesh (which will keep you warm despite its finesse), followed by a larger sweater and completed with a coat. You can add loose pants and / or runnings for example.

You can also start from the lightest to the darkest. The rule is not absolute but it is effective to give depth and value your colors. Imagine a sky blue shirt with a royal blue tie and a navy cardigan. You can also make a break with a gray coat, or a parka, a down jacket, etc.

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Mix chic and casual

To make yourself even better in sportswear style, let’s go a little further on this idea of creating a “shift”.
The key between sportswear is to keep this sporty connotation while moving away with more serious, more chic pieces.

You are free to choose whether you are more interested in sports than in chic, or vice versa. What will count here is mixing between sobriety and originality.

Count more on a single strong piece that will set the tone of the outfit, and on which the other clothes will be composed. To return to the jacket, it is a very striking element and can be tempered with another style as here:

Be very careful about details, especially on buttons, closures and pockets. Avoid an overload of elements that would only make the rendering heavier. Prefer simplicity with light details that will spice things up!

For reasons, lines and stripes should not be ostentatious. Without going into excessive flashy either, touches of color will be welcome. For more information, see our article on color combinations. If you can put some red and green, do not hesitate!

Try the leather runnings. More expensive and rigorous to maintain certainly, they are however very elegant and will bring you a certain cachet to your style. Be sure to choose a good leather, so you do not have to deal with nasty surprises. I have a tip for you: press your fingertips leather, and gauge the result: if the leather back to its original shape easily, you’ll have a pair of good bill. Another advantage, as you get older, the leather will become nicely weathered.

As a reminder, no black runnings, especially if it’s leather. Prefer a nice brown model that can associate with the majority of tones.
Sportswear style, an eclectic style

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Sportswear gives you the freedom

You can see, sportswear gives you the freedom to maneuver in which you can be creative.
Now declined in casual city outfits, it is appropriating the codes of other trends and in this apparent chaos of ideas, it is up to you to grab it!
Above all, respect the rules of morphology and color association that we share with you, and pay attention to the materials while avoiding the synthetic. From there, you have all the basics to get started.
And you, how much your style is “sportswear”? Rather casual or rather chic? In what context do you dress this way? Come tell us in the comments!

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