How to dress in a STREETWEAR style?

3 March 2018
3 March 2018 Love Of Freedom

How to dress in a STREETWEAR style?

How to dress in a STREETWEAR style?

[dropcap ]I[/dropcap]n this part, we will address a particular style: streetwear. Rest assured, we are not going to pay you a single ticket to shoot a 90’s rap clip, with wide pants, caps and gold chains around your neck.
Forget this style of “American thug”, long outdated and abandoned by his most fervent defenders. The streetwear knew through the times and meets today a real success by touching a large public.

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The origins of streetwear style

Before knowing how to dress in a streetwear style, it’s important to know where co from the streetwear. Streetwear made its appearance in the United States in the mid-1970s with the explosion of urban culture and its various components, such as sliding sports (skateboarding and surfing), music (punk, hip-hop) and urban art (graffiti).
Two young, stylish New Yorkers from the 80s.
As the name suggests, he was born in the street under the impulse of young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods. A form of expression that allowed them to show their belonging to a culture and reaffirm their individuality in a society that tended to marginalize them.
Not having many financial means, these young people could not afford branded clothes and did so with what they had.
The important thing was no longer the garment itself but the way it was worn. A situation that encouraged them to be as creative as possible and that led to the birth of new urban codes.
The basic foundations of the streetwear movement are therefore authenticity, originality, and freedom. Pillars that have accompanied the movement in each of its evolutions and are still valid today.
[highlight text_color=”#fff” background_color=”#000″ ]Streetwear has evolved since the 2000s, and so much the better[/highlight]

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The evolution of streetwear

From its beginnings in the street

to its influence in the ready-to-wear collections of Luxury Homes, streetwear has enormously “grown up”. It is a style that has evolved in a coherent way and is now maturing.
Some brands of streetwear have not sufficiently challenged and have disappeared, while many others have since launched.
Originally, the streetwear style is defined by wide clothing: jeans “baggy”, XXL t-shirt with sleeves falling below the elbows, hoodies with an armhole starting 10cm below the shoulder …
Yes, that’s what we’re talking about …
A style completed by big sneakers and a cap. But soon, some people preferred to opt for tighter jeans, like Californian skaters with their skinny jeans.
In fact, the “freedom” that is the essence of streetwear has fostered diversity. People have reclaimed the basics of their wardrobe. In fact, two people with a streetwear style could have different looks.
Today, the cuts are more curved and collections are more sought after, with the use of beautiful materials and attention to detail in the manufacture of clothing.
Sobriety replaced the enormous ubiquitous prints of the early days. Also, there is a growing correlation between streetwear and workwear.
The clientele has diversified: streetwear is no longer associated with youth culture anarchist and nonconformist as in its infancy. It affects slices of older age and has invaded all social classes.

It has long since left the street to invest high-end boutiques of the largest capitals. Dressing in streetwear can, therefore, be expensive.
The purpose of this part is to propose a guide helping you to adopt the good reflexes for a neat street style.

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Where to start? The “essentials” to knowing how to dress in a streetwear style

Three pieces constitute the bases of a streetwear outfit: the sweatshirt, the sneakers, and the cap. To get started, focus on these three elements.

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The sweatshirt with and without hood

The hoodie, also called hoodie, is historically linked to streetwear. With or without central zip, choose sobriety and plain colors.
Avoid oversized screen prints. If you wear a nice t-shirt, do not hesitate to highlight it by keeping your hoodie open. The rest of the time, keep it closed up. Also, keep the “thug” style and do not put on the hood.

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Here, a House Standards sweatshirt

For a round-neck sweatshirt without a hood, pay attention to the finishes. The neck should not be too close to the neck and should fall perfectly on the beginning of your shoulders. Make sure that the ribbing on the sleeves and bottom of the piece is not too long or too tight.
Take a test: raise and lower your arms several times in a row. Check that the sweatshirt returns to its original shape and falls back correctly.
Underneath a hooded crew neck sweatshirt, you can wear a button-up shirt all the way up. In this case, opt for models with a more elaborate material (mesh, leather elbow pads, etc.).

[highlight text_color=”#000″ background_color=”#fff” ]☞ Recommended item : The gray and orange drop-shoulder hoodie.[/highlight]

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Sneakers are an obsession for streetwear lovers, who collect them (more or less reasonable). The offer offered by the brands is gigantic. Here are some tips to help you see things more clearly.
To get started and avoid making mistakes, go to the best-known brands that offer iconic models at affordable prices.
Nike offers three “must-have” models: the “Nike Blazer” (high and low) are thin and really fit all cuts of pants.
They are available in pretty vintage colors between € 85 and € 100, and are even customizable on the eshop of the brand.
The Air Force 1 low version (95 €), in its original color entirely white, is also a basic model to own (avoid the rising version with the scratch).
The iconic model of Air Force 1 “white on white”
Finally, the Air Max 1 will complete your collection and will differ from your other pairs with its air bubble (about 145 €).

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You can also choose from the Vans catalog with confidence. We have a preference for the model Era de Vans (about 80 €). Timeless, it is as easy to wear with shorts as pants and exists in a multitude of colors.
The Vans Era model in classic colors.
If you are looking for a more “dressed” and less “street” style, we recommend the National Standard brand (between € 150 and € 250). It offers fine lines (even for upright models!) With impeccable quality and clean design.
In general, avoid “flashy” colors and models that are too big. Sneakers must blend into your outfit and not attract attention.
Be careful, after your first purchase, you can easily take the game and start a collection of sneakers without too much notice. We’ll warn you …
Note: There is a return of “running” in the streetwear. Let yourself be tempted by a pair of sneakers originally intended for running. We love what the New Balance brand offers. Be careful, make sure they were made in their English factory Flimby (the flag of the United Kingdom is embroidered on the tongue) or the United States.

[highlight text_color=”#000″ background_color=”#fff” ]☞ Recommended item : The black mesh minimalist lightweight sneakers[/highlight]

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The cap

An essential accessory for a street dress, three models must hold your attention: the classic cap with flat visor, the snapback, and the 5-panel.

Classic cap with flat visor:
This is the reference to the street caps. The brand New Era democratized it with its iconic model: the “59 Fifty” (about € 35). Most of the time, embroideries are the logos of the American Baseball (MLB), Ice Hockey (NHL), Basketball (NBA) or American Football (NFL) franchises.

New Era has also collaborated with many streetwear brands based on this model. In limited edition, they are more sought after than classic models.
In all cases, be sure to choose a “serious” model, with a sober logo and classic colors (avoid at all costs snake imitation visors and too big embroidery). Keep in mind that you must be able to wear it every day.

Pay attention to the size! A cap too small can quickly become uncomfortable, where a model too big can quickly give you a ridiculous look. The size is indicated on the sticker-macaron glued to the visor. Tradition forbids to withdraw it! But we will not blame you.

Story Note: It’s rapper Jay-Z who spread the port of the New Era 59 Fifty wearing the model of the New York baseball team, the New Yankees. Originally from Brooklyn, he is one of the first to claim his New York origins in this way. The New York Times newspaper even talks about the “Jay-Z effect.”
The subject assumes and even declares in one of his songs “I made the Yankees cap more famous than a Yankee could have done”.

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The snapback

In recent years, the snapback has made shade the classic model. The only difference is that it is adjustable at the back (no more puzzles to find a model to its size). To integrate easily to your look, it is also necessary to buy a model “serious”.
Snapback of the American brand “Only NY”.
Note: New Era and Mitchell & Ness are the snapback specialists with US sports franchise logos. However, opt for streetwear brands that have their own snapback line like “Only NY”, “HUF” or “Quiet Life” (from 35 €).

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The 5-panel

As its name suggests, this model consists of five panels (one on the front, two on the sides and two on the top), sewn together. Like the snapback, it’s a model with an adjustment tab on the back. This is the cap that meets the greatest success lately.
If you had doubts about its form, think again! Far from the cliché “thug”, there is no more elegant than a 5-panel. Brands such as Norse Projects, Moupia and I Love Ugly (between 50 € and 65 €) amaze us every time, with the use of original prints and interesting material games.
A 5-panel model “I Love Ugly”, you can see the finishes with the adjustment band and the buckle with a barb.
Note: the French brand Larose Paris revisits the model of the 5-panel with a reworked form and the use of noble materials (fabrics from England, France, and the United States). The models are mounted in Paris by a chapel holder of the title “d’artisan d’art”. From where a price a little higher, around 95 €.
Whatever the model of the cap, concentrate also on the quality of manufacture: the seams, the sweatband placed at the forehead (avoid a white band because it will be immediately marked by your sweat), the tongue adjustment (leather with a buckle with a pin for the most beautiful) …
Finally, there are two ways to wear a cap: with the visor from the front and back. Any other intermediate position is reserved for rappers. It’s non-negotiable.

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And the rest of the outfit?

Aside from the sneakers, the cap, and the sweatshirt, there are no “stamped” streetwear pieces. The rest of your outfit is largely borrowed from a more classic cloakroom. However, the “street” influence will be felt in your way of reclaiming them.
Also note that streetwear, heteroclite by definition, goes well with other styles: with draped, minimalist and dark things like Silent by Damir Doma or Rick Owens, workwear like at Carhartt, or even more dressy pieces.

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The T-shirt

For teeshirt, make sure that it is well cut even if you are allowed to choose a little larger, proportionately kept. Take the belt as a landmark: the t-shirt should not arrive above or below it.
If you opt for a t-shirt a little wider, avoid the “umbrella effect” inherent in sleeves too large. Do not hesitate to make a small hem on each of them. In addition to restructuring your teeshirt, it will give you a significant “neglected effect”.
Regarding T-shirts with prints, prefer above all sobriety. They should not be too big … except for the printed all-over (ie covering all the material), as the camouflage. T-shirts with fine stripes or heathered cotton are interesting alternatives.
The “pocket tees” (T-shirts with a pocket on the heart side) have been a great success in recent years. The variations are numerous: silk, fabric with an original print, pocket with snap button … Details that give relief to a traditional piece.
Example of a pocket with a snap on a Tantum t-shirt
[highlight text_color=”#000″ background_color=”#fff” ]☞ Recommended item : The black Chinese style streetwear t-shirt[/highlight]

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Jeans and pants

For jeans, prefer raw jeans with a beautiful selvage canvas. It will fall perfectly on your sneakers. And you can make a slight hem that will reveal the red border.
We advise you to prefer a straight or semi-slim fit and to wear a pair of New Balance or Air Max. Avoid skinny jeans and “baggys” that will lose all credibility to your outfit by breaking your figure.
[highlight text_color=”#000″ background_color=”#fff” ]☞ Recommended item : The black stripe side sweatpants [/highlight]

The best alternative to jeans is chino. Prefer a slim fit, even if you can wear it a little wider. Do not hesitate to put a little spice in your outfit by choosing bright colors. In this case, make sure that the rest of your outfit is sober to marry with the color of the pants.
With a round neck sweatshirt and a nice pair of sneakers, you will have a street and casual silhouette, without seeming neglect.
And the shorts? If the weather allows you, do not hesitate to put one! Pay attention to its length: ideally, it must stop mid knees. If it is too long, make a small hem. Avoid the superfluous (pocket on the side …) and wear it only with low sneakers.

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Jackets / coats

To spend the winter warm, choose a parka. Prefer a long model, with practical pockets at the chest to slip your hands. Investors bombers with or without sheep collar are also an excellent choice to face the cold.
For sunny days, a summer jacket will do business. Opt for models with a velvet collar if you wish to strengthen the desired side of your outfit.
The teddy, emblematic piece of American universities, is to choose if you want to further strengthen the street side of your outfit (or if you are a student). Depending on the season, prefer a cotton or leather model.

[highlight text_color=”#000″ background_color=”#fff” ]☞ Recommended item : The green military bomber jacket[/highlight]

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Integration of more dressed pieces

Once you have mastered the basics, you can go further by incorporating high-end pieces. The contrast is very interesting. Concentrate on a specific piece, without losing sight of the fact that it must fit perfectly into your streetwear outfit.
We advise you to start with the top pieces such as sweaters and cardigans in big mesh, poplin shirts or a quilted Barbour jacket. Premium ready-to-wear houses like A.P.C. and AMI offer beautiful jackets bomber (between 350 € and 500 €).
The creators Gaspard Yurkievich and Monsieur Lacenaire have revisited the teddy in their collection (about 300 euros).
For your shoes, Lanvin offers excellent models of sneakers in nubuck and suede (between 320 € and 550 €). This will reinforce the dressed side of your outfit while preserving the “urban” dimension.
Also known as co-branding and widely used in the streetwear world, they allow two brands to work together on one or more products. The meeting of their respective worlds and know-how gives birth to new products, so highly sought after.
The perfect example is the collaboration between Carhartt and A.P.C. : the proposed silhouette has brought together fans of streetwear/workwear and fans of the style “bobo”.

Carhartt and A.P.C. have “merged” their logo for their collaboration.
Be careful not to take any collaboration for the Grail: at the big brands, it’s mostly marketing shots. Listen to yourself and trust yourself!

Now you know the first things to know how to dress in a streetwear style.

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