The sportswear and the streetwear are two currents not frankly recent but, anyway, a glance on a few showcases will convince you: it is the solid cardboard.

Just like the vintage trend, sportswear/streetwear fashion seems to be indestructible, whether in men’s ready-to-wear boutiques or haute couture fashion shows. Let it be said, sportswear goes with look: chic-casual is the motto of the 21st century, this trend remains at the top of the podium looks that make the difference.

The streetwear retro is back. Yes!
An inspiring source of inspiration, the streetwear retro is back! At the center of the last Fashion Week fashion shows, the year trend looks 90/2000 retro. Gentlemen, were you looking for good reasons to postpone the big spring cleaning? So get out the old boxes (Fila, Champion, Reebok …) at Grandma’s and be ready to

About stylish streetwear, there’s one thing I’m sure of: the look is 30% the clothes and 70% the one who wears them.

Our guide to wearing the bomber this season
Escaped straight from the aviators’ dressing room, the bomber is making his big show this season. His credo? The effortless chic that makes him the jacket of the season. How to choose and wear according to its morphology and style? We tell you everything about this piece become a must fashion.

oday, you have just come across an important and experimental article, because it will give you an introduction to the “sportswear style” style while giving you keys to creating outfits for your personality.  Learn how to adopt the sportswear style. First of all, what is sportswear fashion? To do a bit of history, it is […]

In this part, we will address a particular style: streetwear. Rest assured, we are not going to pay you a single ticket to shoot a 90’s rap clip, with wide pants, caps and gold chains around your neck.
Forget this style of “American thug”, long outdated and abandoned by his most fervent defenders. The streetwear knew through the times and meets

THE “ESSENTIALS” OF AN URBAN OUTFIT PART 1: THREE SNEAKERS FASHION TIPS . neakers are an obsession for streetwear enthusiasts, like hoodies or caps, who collect them (more or less reasonable). The offer offered by the brands is gigantic. Here are some tips to help you see more clearly. To get started and avoid mistakes, let […]

The “essentials” of an urban outfit part 1: The hoodie. here to start? The “essentials” of an Urban outfit Three pieces are the basis of a streetwear outfit: the sweatshirt, the sneakers, and the cap. To get started, focus on these three elements. From laborers working to the urban outfit hoodies. The hooded sweatshirt was first […]